Certified Translations
for official use

Legally valid translations

Whether it is contracts, trade register excerpts, clearance certificates or civil status certificates: if you intend to present documents to authorities, courts or offices, you usually need a certified translation. This has particular validity: the translator’s signature and stamp certify that the contents of the original document have been reproduced completely and correctly.

Besides excellent language skills, it goes without saying that a legal translator needs to have a solid understanding of legal processes. Only translators authorized by the respective courts may offer this service. Having studied legal translation and as a sworn translator for the Hannover District Court, I have that understanding. I am authorised to provide certified translations with an official stamp.

Do you need further information regarding apostilles or legalization? I will be happy to assist you and guide you through the necessary process.

Certified translations with stamp and signature

Authorization & Accreditation

I am authorized by the District Court of Hannover (according to §§ 22 – 31 of the Lower Saxony Judiciary Act) and thus authorized to provide certified translations of your documents. In addition, I am listed as a certified translator at the Italian Consulate General in Hannover and the Italian Honorary Consulate in Bremen, i. e. my translations are legalized by the competent notary’s office and can therefore be used for official purposes in Italy and presented to all offices and authorities.

By the way: there is no difference between an “authorized”, “sworn” or “certified” translator. The different designations have arisen because each federal state regulates the laws on the preparation of certified translations individually. Although the designations differ, the certification mark is valid throughout the entire federal territory.

If you want to use a certified translation abroad, you must obtain an apostille or legalization in addition to the certification. This confirms the authenticity of the document, the signature of the issuer and his authority to issue it.

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